1 Year Later – Turns Out Writing A Book Is Hard

100 Day Book Challenge Sept 10th, 2016 Felt like my first day of school introducing myself to folks in the program for why and what I'm hoping to write. And I have homework. Like actual homework with deadlines to be accomplished each week. You get $100 back if you complete the course in 100 days [...]

The Holy Spirit Is On The Move – Destination India w/ Operation Saturation

Operation Saturation Earlier this year I had the pleasure of traveling to India to share how the Lord is using Operation Saturation to birth a mighty move of His Spirit through national missionaries in India. And because my heart is to be a part of the greatest move of the Spirit our generation has ever [...]

Why I Don’t Know Any Prostitutes by Sarah Lance

Meet Co-founder of Sari Bari, Sarah Lance Sarah runs a business that seeks the sustainable restoration of red light communities and the prevention of the exploitation of women and children in the commercial sex trade. I had the privilege of working for Sarah during my few months in Kolkata back in 2012. Recently Sarah Lance [...]

So You Want to Change the World… Here’s How by Dave Runyon

We often see the best stories as the biggest. Stories of big ideas that change the world. But as Nick Arnold shared with us earlier this week... Generally Millennials want to address problems in our world with big ideas, expecting big results…and fast. And you need to be the public face of this idea so [...]

Stop Trying To Change The World by Nick Arnold

I will go ahead and say it. I'm a Millennial. Just barely. I'm on the older side of this generation, but don’t identify with all its traits. One thing you can say about Millennials is they want to change the world. And they won’t settle for small change. The bigger the better. I identify with [...]

How The Poor & Blind See Giving Better Than The Rest of Us

I am beyond thrilled to have Chris Horst, a leader in the microfinance community, and Vice President of Development at Hope International, share a guest post with us today. But first, let me give you some context as to the level of my excitement. My wife Kate would say I'm kinda picky with how we give [...]

Nicole Dill of TEDxMileHigh on Listening, Failure, Vulnerability and Faith

I first met Nicole Dill when she was on staff at Mile High Vineyard Church. To describe Nicole I have to use many nouns...or is it adjectives? Either way. There's a lot of them. Nicole is a wife, mom, photographer, event planner, and serves as Chief Operations Officer for TEDxMileHigh. But beyond her roles and [...]