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To quote Jesus

“It is finished!”

Ok…I mean, the first of three videos for India Christian Ministries is finished! But yes, our sins have been paid for too! You’re right though. I definitely took that Scripture out of context.

For those of you catching up here, one of my goals for years has been to shoot a documentary telling stories of what the Lord is up to both locally and abroad, and to do it with my great friend Tyler Boyd.  From that dream, I reached out to my friend Alex Ruiz who’s shot documentaries around the world; has a huge yes in her spirit for spreading Kingdom; and is just a freakin-go-getter willing to take risk.

And while this isn’t a full length documentary, or even a short film, it does scratch my itch for telling Kingdom stories around the world.

So without further ado, here’s 1/3 (two more films to edit) of why I went to India this February with a team of folks. Enjoy!

India Christian Ministries

Thanks again to Alex Ruiz & Tyler Boyd for all the filming, and Tyler Boyd for the many hours spent editing and pulling film from hours of shots. Thanks to Tara Shupe for her willing and adventurous spirit to join on us on the trip last minute. You’re photos are stupid-legit (I think that’s the professional way to say it).

Thanks to the team over in Hyderabad with India Christian Ministries in Nitya Janice and Zebulun for helping with all the logistics; some creative visioning for this project; making sure the food wasn’t too spicy; and laughing with us during long car rides. And lastly, thanks to my bosem buddy, Jonathan Beckman for his sultry voice over for this film.

I’m thrilled with how this video came out.

I believe the Holy Spirit is moving in and through local believers to bring about revival in India. And if you want to be a part of revival by making one small step, would you use your influence to share this post on social media?

I understand we often over or undervalue what happens when people post stuff online. There’s a lot of noise out there I get it. And posting something doesn’t always line up with action.

But I’m a big believer in we gotta start somewhere. And sometimes sharing a post does more than we think. Justice always starts with awareness before we’re able to move into advocacy and action. What better way to become aware of Jesus move’s in the world than through video.

So again… if you’re willing, would you hit the share button below? And thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to watch this film today.

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