Interview with Artist and Creative: Patrick Maxcy

Meet Patrick Maxcy.

He’s pretty dang good at art.

I remember being good at art…in 3rd grade. I would draw tanks with tons of guns on them. I know what you’re thinking, I’ve come a long way. But the tanks did look look pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Patrick likes to tease (means he love’s you), has a great smile, and is easy to get along with (for the most part). Did I mention he’s really good at art. I did already? Well it’s worth saying it again.

I love that friends of mine work all kinds of jobs – in all kinds of places. The more interviews I do for this blog, the more I see kingdom working in and through people in local and global places.

We all have something to offer when it comes to sharing Jesus.

So with that in mind…

How does what you do for work – reflect the life of Jesus?

The gifts we have are not ours alone.
They are given to us with a purpose and made to be shared. I’m not the best at everything, but I know I can draw, paint and make others laugh. I try my best to share those talents with others (mainly kids) around the globe.
Art and laughter are universal.
That wasn’t something I always knew. In high school and art school I would paint some pretty somber subject matter. Using visuals to tell a deeper, more meaningful story using vibrant, creatures and colors – I slowly adjusted my paintings based on travels and experiences from seeing the world.
The storylines I now create often have intense, serious overtones – but leave people with an ember of hope and imagination. Something that sparks childlike wonder with a smile.
Being creative and having ongoing childlike wonder is something we often lose. Jesus instilled that in us. We are His creative and loved children.

Right now I’m…

Currently showing my artwork in 7 art galleries around the US.
Part of a traveling art show with Breckenridge Brewery.
Creating several drawing design concepts for: a brewery in North Carolina; a fan company in Texas; and a restaurant in Florida.
Painting a live mural with kids for Earth Day.
Painting a mural for a nature center in Colorado.
Traveling to Nicaragua to work with kids and paint murals next week.
Just finishing up a massive mural design for a youth correctional facility in California.
And…that’s pretty much just this week.

Part of your bio reads, “He uses art to inspire and raise awareness for some of the world’s most pressing needs.” So Why does awareness matter Patrick…and once someone becomes aware, what steps do you suggest for people to becoming active in pursuing issues of justice?

I have friends who are International Human Rights attorneys. I look up to them but know it isn’t something I could comprehend. My suggestion, find what you have a deep desire to do and excel at, then use that to help others in need.
You don’t have to be a major Human Rights Attorney – but you do have specific gifts you can use to help others. Those could be people halfway around the globe or people right in your back yard.
Once you’ve learned that, it’s easy to see you the humanity all around us. You’ll slowly become active at seeking out people in need. And you will get back so much more in the end.

This blog is geared toward telling stories of what the Lord is up to both locally and abroad. In light of that, how do you see Jesus moving?

I’ve learned the most intense times in life, the times where it all seems to be falling apart, the times where you’ve just had enough – those are the exact times he is working in you.
If I hadn’t gone through all those hardships, I wouldn’t even have Jesus in my life. I see him working in me and working slowly in friends I hold dear. Seeing my friends struggles – but also seeing their faith and hearts become stirred through those hardships is a source of daily inspiration.

What ways do you experience God best?

God is always put on the back burner when life gets busy.
It’s only when you slow down and can calm the daily noise that you’ll be able to focus on Him. It’s a pretty difficult thing to do but it’s the only way for me to experience God.
We often forget He is always with us.
I’m beyond grateful for everything I have when I am hiking, exploring in the woods, camping, drawing just to draw or on long road trips. Those times when I’m slowing down, being creative and fully taking in nature and the beauty of everything He’s created.

Talk to me about Your Experience at Revel Ministries. What take away’s do you have from those retreats?

You recently got engaged. Congrats! What kind of person do you hope to be in your marriage?

I want to be the type of person I look up to and admire.
Those people who adore their spouse and aren’t afraid to go that extra step to show their true heart for that person. A person who has immense patience when there is none left. A person who connects and delves in on a deeper emotional level.

Can you give us a redemption story in your own personal life?

The best stories are often the hardest to share…
Going through a period of your life where you feel comfortable and successful – then to feel completely broken and lost is never something you can prepare yourself for. You think, ‘Oh, that couldn’t happen to me. This isn’t who I am.’
About 7 years ago I was living in Florida comfortably in love but my marriage was slowly falling apart. I felt truly lost as I was selling everything I own to move across the country. I didn’t realize it then but God was working in me. He wasn’t part of my life ten or even five years ago when my marriage ended. But through all this time He was there.
During that year I spent a lot of time alone during several road trips while moving across the US, but I wasn’t truly alone. He had my heart set in the right place and I wasn’t fully aware. Over time through counseling, close friendships and prayer my joy became apparent again. Life is meant to be lived and celebrated.
I learned to forgive and still be full of love.
I was finally able to give my heart to someone again. Love once found again, is a pretty strong awareness that is nothing but pure complete joy.

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