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Recently my wife, Kate Salley, was interviewed by Angelic Magazine to share her testimony. And I can’t think of a better way of sharing stories of what the Lord is up to both locally and abroad – than starting by sharing some of my wife’s identity story.

identity statement by kate salley

Too Emotional

This last year I have been experiencing more freedom from comparison and the lies that have slipped in along my journey. As an introvert, I find myself in constant internal dialog about how I can improve or where I might have lacked. I’ve realized the importance of reminding myself of what is true and in knowing my identity in Christ.

I have a few memories from when I was younger where I made “agreements” or “vows.”

For example, I didn’t necessarily grow up in a Christian home, but we did have particular traditions around Christmas. Going to a candle light service, opening one gift on Christmas Eve, looking at lights.

One year, I was probably 15; my dad said, “screw it” to all those traditions. I cried. And for the umpteenth time my dad said I was “too emotional.” I remember feeling like he was right, and wanted to disconnect myself from all further traditions in order to protect myself from feeling let down (vow).

My identity became the middle child who was too emotional.

Fast forward to age 22.

I’m standing in the bathroom with five other bridesmaids helping my dear friend get ready for her wedding day. She looks around with emotion in her voice, “I just never thought my life would start so soon.” I immediately made meaning (unintentional or not) about the importance of marriage. This meaning stuck with me as friend after friend married and I continue my single life, now comparing my life to theirs.

“Will my life ever start? “

“Am I even good enough for marriage?”

The Lies

Fast forward again to age 30.

I meet “the one.” He loves Jesus and has a radical faith I admire. He has seen the world and has a heart for missions and justice. Before we get married, we decide to have his sperm tested since he had AML leukemia when he was younger, and may not be able to have kids.

The results – no sperm. Zip.

The lies start creeping in. “Maybe God doesn’t think I would be a good mom.  I’m not worthy of being a mom. I lack faith in a miracle because I am sad…. and well… too emotional.” Continuing to compare my life and believe in the lies kept me stuck from the full life God had for me.

Thankfully He’s a patient God.

So this last year, with encouragement from my husband, I addressed the lies and things that felt true… and began writing my identity statement of what’s most true.

I read it (sometimes out loud) when the usual lies seek to attack…and I’m telling you, there’s power in declaring The Truth over yourself. Sometimes what’s feels true: the vows, the agreements, the old lies… isn’t what’s most true. So in practicing my own vulnerability, by inviting you into my story, I want to share with you my “I am statement.”

Identity Statement

My name is Kate Salley. I am named by God. Adopted. Chosen. Wanted. A part of a royal family. A daughter. I belong. I am brave enough and have courage. Jesus loves the things and people I love. He has made me unique.

My power and authority come from Jesus, which allows me to take risks. I will see miracles. I am authentic and creative. Instead of a spirit of comparison, I have a spirit of encouragement. I am hospitable. I am a peacemaker. I invite people in. My grace frees people to share their stories and not feel judged.

I have a desire for traveling and cultures the Lord will use to further his kingdom and will be magnified with my marriage to Nathan. I am a good wife and I have what it takes. I am a refuge for my husband. A safe place. He is the perfect partner for me. Full of grace and patience and I am better with him.

I am worthy of being a mom.

God speaks to me and I hear him. He has gifts for me and I am not left out. I trust Him. I have the gift of faith. I am joyful. Jesus delights in my adventurous spirit. He rejoices over me with singing. He is my maker.

Angelic Magazine

Angelic Magazine is a monthly print and digital magazine utilizing the creative expressions of music and fashion to proclaim the faith and love found in Jesus. There purpose is to stand boldly as a witness for Christ.

Yes please. My kind of people!

I wonder…what identity statement the Lord has for you?

Thanks for reading. See ya next time!

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    • nstellsastory says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and respond Rhonda. I’m pretty proud of how my wife has been brave to engage and share her story in a deep way.

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